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We convert. We save your time.

A proven solution in many successful projects. Translate your ABB Advant Controllers to AC800M FBD/SFC code by our Online Translator instantly by clicking 4 buttons:
Evaluation methods
  • Our conversion tool can reduce 90% of engineering efforts required for AC450 logic migration from 1000 to 100 work hours
  • Prevents human errors - significantly reduces technical risk and commissioning costs
  • Conversion process is interactive thus under your control
  • Pulp & Paper Library or standard AC800M libraries may be selected for conversion
  • Converter utilizes SW solutions verified during successful projects and long-term experience in AC450 & AC800M programming in Paper and Steel
  • Cost-saving in terms of tag count
  • AC800M code optimization functions for better code readability
  • Conversion of DB hidden terminals frequently used
  • National characters support for all comments and variable names
  • Don't struggle with manual Post-Conversion job and let us do the whole software migration! Get your AFW file including all logic and settings necessary for commissioning.
Easy evaluation methods
  • Choose conversion in evaluation mode for free without limitation
  • Example of raw converted AC410 code is available for download
  • Send us AAX, BAX (or DBT) files and we will send you back raw converted code printout in Word file
Our services
  • Delivery of the complete translated code of Advant controller in the status "Ready for FAT" or "Ready for Commissioning", including all post-conversion manual programming
  • Migration of old HMI Visual Basic 6, AS500 or AdvaSoft to 800xA PG2
  • Consulting services regarding ABB control systems and Drives
  • Programming new control logic
  • 800xA installation and configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization of controls

Areas of expertise
  • Especially for Advant controllers migration Herman-Automation can rely on more than 20 years of experience in AC450 programming, 16 years working with AC800M and on 7 years working inside ABB mainly in metals and paper industries.
    Our Conversion tool is the technical implementation of all these experiences.
  • ABB DCS systems programming and administration based on 800xA, AC800M and AC450, AC450 RMC
  • Control of Steel cold rolling and Steel Continuos processing lines (Pickling, Annealing, Galvanizing, Tinning, Slitting lines)
  • Paper mill technology including control of Stock preparation, Refiners, Blending, Starch kitchen, Speed Sizer
  • Section Drive controls at Paper mills, Steel Cold rolling mills, Steel Processing Lines
  • DRI Midrex plant control - Direct Reduction of Iron ore to iron
  • Boiler control
  • Temperature control optimization of Furnace at Galvanizing continuos line
  • Hot Push Bench Mill Stossbank - Weldless Mother Tube Mill, main drive control
  • MES systems, experience in Power and Tyres production
  • IT, SQL, PHP, JS, Linux, scripting, OPC
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