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Evaluation methods
  • The primary purpose of the Ampl2m conversion tool is to allow AC450 Advant system owners to protect the intellectual property embedded within their existing controllers and to make upgrading AC450 control applications to AC 800M straightforward and simple
  • Our conversion tool can reduce > 90% of engineering efforts required for AC450 logic migration from 1000 to 100 work hours
  • Prevents human errors - significantly reduces technical risk and commissioning costs
  • Automatically conveted logic does not require further testing
  • The converted logic is free from complex nested structures, so it is optimal in terms of CPU load and readability
  • Pulp & Paper Library, UserLib or standard AC800M libraries can be selected for conversion
  • Converter utilizes SW solutions verified during successful projects and long-term experience in AC450 & AC800M programming in Pulp&Paper, Energy controls and Rolling Mills
  • Cost-saving in terms of tag count
  • AC800M code optimization functions for faster execution and for better code readability
  • Conversion of undocumented "hidden" DB terminals
  • Conversion of "Type circuits"
  • National characters support for all comments and variable names
Easy evaluation methods
  • Choose conversion in evaluation mode for free limited to 1 page/PC program
  • Example of raw converted AC410 code is available for download
  • Our customers appreciate Shadowing test - testing converted logic running in parallel with original logic in AC450, with sharing the same inputs and including automatic comparison of outputs from original & new logic.
Our services
  • Delivery of the complete translated code of ABB Advant controllers in the status "Ready for FAT" or "Ready for Commissioning", including all post-conversion manual programming
  • Automated conversion from ABB AC800M Programs/Control modules to CBM Diagrams
  • Graphics migration from 800xA Visual Basic 6, AS500 or AdvaSoft to 800xA PG2
  • Programming new control logic
  • Consulting services regarding ABB control systems and Drives, Trainings
  • 800xA installation and configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization of controls

Areas of expertise
  • Especially for Advant controllers migration Herman-Automation can rely on 28 years of experience in AC450 programming, 22 years working with AC800M and on 7 years working inside ABB mainly in metals and paper industries.
    We have successfully migrated several AC450, MP200, AC110 and APC-s to AC800M including commissioning.
    Our Conversion tool is the technical implementation of all these experiences.
  • ABB DCS systems programming and administration based on 800xA, AC800M and AC450, AC450 RMC, PEC
  • Control of Steel cold rolling and Steel Continuos processing lines (Pickling, Annealing, Galvanizing, Tinning, Slitting lines)
  • Paper mill technology including control of Stock preparation, Pulping, Deinking, Refiners, Cleaners, Blending, Starch kitchen, Speed Sizer, Tissue PM control
  • Section Drive controls at Paper mills, Steel Cold rolling mills, Steel Processing Lines
  • DRI Midrex plant control - Direct Reduction of Iron ore to iron
  • Boiler control, Steam reduction control
  • Temperature control optimization of Furnace at Galvanizing continuos line
  • Hot Push Bench Mill Stossbank - Weldless Mother Tube Mill, main drive control
  • MES systems, experience in Power and Tyres production
  • IT, SQL, PHP, JS, Linux, scripting, OPC
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