The following are just some reported user feedbacks of many Projects using Ampl2m tool. We are pleased to find that our conversion tool has been benefical to so many.

  • ABB South Korea, 2019
    AC450 conversion using PPLib in Hansol Paper mill, already successfully commissioned by ABB. Converted PLC controls PM2 paper machine. The complete converted application has been delivered by Herman-Automation.
  • Mondi Austria, 2019
    Conversion and successful commissioning of AC450 "Kraftanlage" by Herman-Automation containing demanding steam controls, 5 Turbines auxiliary controls and MV substation control. Size of the original application is 12000 pc elements. Mondi custom library has been used for conversion. Project includes also new 83/12/4bar steam reduction controls, desuperheaters and integration of the new DT7 turbine.
  • ABB Latvia, 2019
    2pcs AC160 for Burners control conversion using Standard libraries and UserLib, already successfully commissioned by ABB.
    Control logic contain a lot of demanding PID controls, which gains and scalings conversion has been optimised in the conversion tool.
    The complete converted application has been delivered by Herman-Automation.
  • Viwatech, Sweden, 2018
    Mr.Urban Josefsson wrote:
    I had the possibility of testing your conversion tool during the spring and evaluated the results I received, and I think the result was good.
    I used 10 PC programs that were automatically converted into a delivery and the these programs worked really well, no problem at all.
  • APP Start-Up AB, Sweden, 2018
    Turbine governor AC110 in Eskilstuna has been automatically translated and successfully put in operation using standard AC800M libraries and UserLib by APP Start-Up.
    Mr.Lars Hågestam wrote:
    I think the conversion worked very good. Maybe there is need to make some calculations for gain of the PI / PDP control to avoid too much time consuming on site.
  • Conversion and commissioning by author, 2018
    15384 PC elements including 159 sequences of 5pcs MP200 controllers have been translated using PP Lib. Translated logic is used in 2 tissue paper mills at CMPC Argentina and Chile. Manual post-conversion job took 1 week per one MP200.
    Two converted CPUs, which control Pasta Preparation and Machine, have been commissioned successfuly at Papelera del Plata, Zarate in Dec 2018.
  • ABB Geece, 2018
    The complete automated conversion of AC110 using UserLib has been delivered by Herman-Automation. Translated logic controls MV substation. Logic contains 27 Type circuits which have been automatically converted as user-defined Function blocks.
  • ABB Vietnam, 2018
    AC410 controller has been automatically translated using PP Lib with the technical support of Herman-Automation. Translated logic controls Stock preparation of tissue paper mill.
  • Conversion and commissioning by author, 2018
    MP200 controller used for Boiler control has been translated using PP Lib. Manual fixes of converted code took 1 week.
    Commissioning was very smooth. Production just started up with no issue.
    Customer just complained about using project string constants for Name and Description of the objects. Therefore the user preference has been changed to use local string constants in the conversion tool by default.
  • Conversion and commissioning by author, 2017
    14 APC controllers have been translated for Push Pickling Line multidrive upgrade project in Hadeed Steel Plant, AlJubail Saudi Arabia, using standard AC800M libraries and UserLib. SW translation of about 3000 pages of logic and all further manual fixes took 4 weeks for one programmer prior to FAT.
    Commissioning took 3 days since the first coil produced till the full production thanks to the automated translation of existing logic without any mistake.
  • PROEL, Croatia
    Lead of Engineering department wrote:
    "I have just returned from FAT. Everything went well, software was working perfectly.
    Your converter saved us lots of programming and time."

    AC410 containing 3128 PC elements and 4 sequences were translated.
  • ABB
    Process engineer leader wrote:
    "The commissioning was very successful thanks of your code translator. We got some experience and have some remarks to consider to improve your translator.
    We accept the quality of code translation, but we had to do a lot of manual work.
    We do not complain it is OK for us. We understand that prepare perfect tool is very difficult."

    AC450 and AC410 containing 11570 PC elements and 24 sequences were translated.
    Author's Note:
    All punch list points have been implemented to the conversion tool. Many thanks for cooperation.

    Next AC410 was translated within the last phase of the project one year later.
  • ABB Croatia
    Mr.Dubravko Corak, process engineer leader wrote:
    "Thanks a lot for your support...we successfully put in operation our project using your software for translation."
    AC450 containing 6328 PC elements were translated.